Hi, my name is Andrew!

Andrew Gilliam in London
Andrew Gilliam in London.

How may I help you?

I never know quite what to expect when I ask this question, but it always turns out to be an interesting experience.

I enjoy helping people make the most of the technology they already have and making recommendations so that they may get the most out of future technology investments.

There’s always a better way, and I’d like to help you find it. Review my qualifications and then explore what I can do for you.

Why I do IT

My comprehensive understanding of technology enables me to do things faster, better, smarter, than others. Knowing how much my technical proficiency has helped me become productive makes me want to share these techniques to improve the lives of my customers and colleagues. Some people cure illnesses. Some people literally put out fires. Others make delicious pizza. I fix computer problems... but most importantly, I fix business problems.

I care about...

If this piques your interest, check out my experience and then get in touch!