This is what I can do for you...

Customer Service

Your customers will love me, because I listen, empathize, take ownership of their problems, and deliver effective solutions.

Do you know the three secret words for dealing with an unhappy customer? Does your support department turn failures into opportunities to build customer loyalty and breed new sales? I do, and I'll put my skills to work for your company.

Technical Support

Working in technical support requires both advanced technical knowledge and unparalleled customer service skills. Technical problems are easy to solve, but repairing strained customer relationships is a different story. You can't reboot the customer.

Years of experience with a variety of technologies have prepared me to handle almost any problem thrown in my direction.


The best support is proactive, and training is key to reducing lost time spent waiting on support requests, preventing malware infections and security breaches, and developing user interest in new applications.

Good training doesn't just answer the most frequently asked questions, but it anticipates and resolves problems before they even occur. Training should also get users excited about the products they'll have at their disposal, and show them how they can benefit from its use.

Web Development

A great website can leave a inform, inspire, sell products, and make connections with customers. They can also be equally powerful when used inside an organization for sharing and organizing information, or automating business processes.

I work with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL the most, but I can work with other technologies as well.

A great website can't solve all of your problems, but it can certainly make a dent.