I've worked with rugged industrial printers, sleek tablets, and almost every device in between. I've earned the trust of so-called 'difficult users' and won over the unhappiest of customers. I've successfully trained even the most technologically-challenged people, but I can still talk shop with the developers.

With Associate and Bachelor degrees and multiple industry certifications in my portfolio, combined with years of professional work experience in a variety of environments, I have the skill and the talent required to help you make your IT vision a reality.


eLearning for Russellville City Schools

The Russellville Independent School District (RIS) had embarked on a journey to bring classrooms into the 21st century with an exciting one-to-one program, where each student will have a laptop to use during class.

While all of the participating teachers were very talented educators, their previous experiences with technology had been limited to short visits to shared computer labs. In this setting, instructions and materials were normally shared using old-fashioned techniques such as paper hand-outs or white boards. Assignments had to be printed, copied to flash drives, or submitted by email. This method wouldn't be practical for every-day use. A better process was absolutely necessary for the success of the one-to-one program.

The solution came in the form of a Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle. By using Moodle, teachers could post information, assignments, host class discussions, and link to external websites, all through a simple user interface. Students are also able to submit assignments and track their grades and course progress online, and even parents could be granted access to courses.

Of course, change doesn't come easily, especially at the rapid pace demanded by the one-to-one implementation date. I quickly assessed the need for a LMS and secured the interest and support of the participating faculty members and administrators. I coordinated professional development group training sessions, as well as one-on-one training sessions to bring the teachers up to speed quickly.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the teachers, as well as my professionally designed training plan, all participating faculty members launched their Moodle online courses at the same time the new laptop computers were delivered to the classroom. One teacher even achieved a paperless classroom within one week of the roll-out.

All of the participating teachers were able to successfully integrate technology into their classroom to enhance the learning experience, thanks in part to Moodle. Several students also emailed me to thank me for helping to make their first one-to-one experience a positive and productive one.

Teacher Blogs for Russellville City Schools

Traditionally, a teacher's only options for communicating with students is through paper hand-outs and writing on a white board. These methods make archival of announcements difficult and distribution is slow and limited to the classroom.

The school system's CIO had previously implemented WordPress MU for teachers to create blogs. However, due to lack of training and support, teachers didn't understand how to use it.

By meeting with teachers individually to show them the benefits of blogging, I was able to greatly increase the number of participating faculty and staff members. I scheduled short training sessions after school to progressively grow their knowledge and comfort level.

Many teachers received positive feedback for their blogs from both students and parents. Students and parents are now able to view assignments and information from any internet connected computer. Many parents who are unable to visit the school during business hours stay up to date by checking teacher blogs. To this day, many of the teachers I trained continue to use their blogs several times per day.

Thin-Client Desktop Replacement for NHK NASCO

In order to reduce operating, maintenance, and support costs, I investigated the benefits of replacing in-plant computers with more durable thin-client devices from N-Computing. Using this system, it would be easy to centrally manage all workstations and hardware replacement would be fast and simple compared to managing a fleet of standard computers. I found that the reduced power consumption would not only make a positive environmental impact, but the savings would be significant to offset the implementation costs of this solution.

New Public Website for NHK NASCO

I created a new public website for the company with detailed information about products, company history, and social responsibility in order to better inform our customers and the public. I also designed an application that would make it easy for non-technical users in Human Resources maintain  a list of current job openings and accept applications online.

Online Production Scheduling System for NHK NASCO

NHK NASCO had been using spreadsheets shared from a file server to publish production schedules to operators. However, this procedure could cause operators to use obsolete information, as the spreadsheets were not closed and reopened frequently. To further complicate matters, schedules were often printed and these copies may be used for entire shifts or even days. Additionally, previous methods relied on office productivity software to be installed on every client computer, which causes its own support and maintenance concerns.

To combat these problems, I designed a web application that would refresh information at regular intervals automatically. Through this system, operators could leave the application open indefinitely, but always have the most recent data on hand. Clever use to CSS made it difficult to print copies of the schedule, helping to enforce document control policies. Finally, because the application is web based, the only required software is a web browser, which reduces maintenance and support costs.

Employee eCommerce for NHK NASCO

Many companies allow employees to borrow equipment for personal use, as an added perk of employment. It’s also common practice to offer property slated for disposal to employees through a silent auction. However, these benefits can be time consuming and challenging to manage effectively.

To make these transactions easier to manage, the IT department wanted to create a web application that would allow anyone to complete the appropriate requests to initiate a silent auction or borrow equipment. The system must ensure that the appropriate person approves of these requests, handle storage and advertisement of product information, as well as collect bids where auctions are used. The system was also designed to allow future integration with company apparel and safety equipment purchases, to centralize billing and track payment activity.

Employee Handbook for NHK NASCO

For the latest revision of the employee handbook, the Human Resources department wanted to create a professionally bound, pocket sized booklet which employees could easily store or carry with them on the job. However, creating these types of publications can be tricky for inexperienced publishers.

To ensure a high-quality finished product, I transformed their original design into a professional, ready-to-print Adobe InDesign® document that accounted for correct sizing, margins, spot colors, and styles for a printed book. I also assisted Human Resources in choosing a suitable printing company and delivering the necessary information for reproduction.

Digital Signage for NHK NASCO

To facilitate communication of company announcements, the Human Resources department used remote computers to display slideshows in employee break rooms. However, the existing system required computers to be placed in each location and each computer had to be updated manually using remote desktop software. This configuration made the system difficult to use and impossible to scale to more locations. The remote displays were also too small to be readable throughout the entire room.

To solve these problems, I purchased new displays that were large enough to accommodate our requirements while remaining within a strict budget. The appropriate equipment was also purchased to centralize management of all remote displays, greatly improving ease of use for HR employees. The new system was also designed to be scalable to new locations as the need arose.

Manufacturing Area Wiring Project for NHK NASCO

An aging network infrastructure was the source of numerous problems for the IT department. In some parts of the facility, data cabling was decades old, damaged, and incapable of supporting modern services and number of clients required as the company had grown. The cabling that was in place was not labeled properly, making resolving any network issues difficult and time consuming.

To alleviate these problems, it was decided to replace all of the existing data cabling and rethink the topology of the network. Net CAT6 and fiber optic cable was installed to solve these problems. I participated in a team that performed the work of running cable and installing conduit, ensuring that the installation was well documented to assist in future troubleshooting.

Work History

Logo of Western Kentucky University

IT Help Desk Consultant

Western Kentucky University

May 2015 — Present

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Logo of Western Kentucky University

Network Installation Technician

Western Kentucky University

June 2014 — May 2015

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Logo of Western Kentucky University

IT Help Desk Consultant (Student/Intern)

Western Kentucky University

Feb 2014 — May 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

In February 2014, I began an internship with Western Kentucky University's Technical Support Services. The WKU IT Help Desk is the single point of contact for over 20,000 faculty, staff, and student clients who utilize the university's IT services.

  • Responded to incoming support requests by phone and email.
  • Documented all incidents with detailed notes about the problem, trobleshooting steps performed, and solutions.
  • Escalated issues or guided clients to another department as appropriate.
  • Researched issues to find the best possible answer to customer questions.
Logo of NHK

Help Desk Technician/IT Programmer (Co-Op)

NHK NASCO (NHK of America Suspension Components Inc.)

Mar 2010 — May 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

In March 2010, I was hired as a part-time (Co-Op) Computer Technician by NHK NASCO. I provided support to end-users for all IT services.

During this time, I also developed several internal desktop and web applications, as well as a new public website for the company.


  • Worked closely with end-users to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems. Documented issues in the trouble ticket system and escalated cases to the appropriate specialist when necessary. Identified trends so that preventative actions may be taken to mitigate problems.
  • Managed user accounts and permissions, verified authorization of changes, and maintained records in accordance with company policy. Performed security audits and trained users how to handle sensitive information appropriately.
  • Investigated the advantages and implementation costs of using thin-clients to reduce power consumption and overall management costs.
  • Suggested and implemented various tools for the IT department including remote support and disk imaging software.
  • I have installed and maintained a hybrid analog and IP video surveillance system consisting of over 200 cameras.
  • I have supported and repaired Zebra industrial label printers.
  • I have designed and implemented digital signage and remote display solutions.
  • I have configured, repaired, and maintained barcode scanners from leading manufacturers.
  • I have installed and set up digital projectors and other audio/video solutions.


NHK NASCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of NHK Spring Co., Ltd. of Yokohama, Japan, is North America's premier manufacturer of suspension coil spring, trunk lid torsion bars, electric motor cores, and disk springs for the automotive industry. If you drive a vehicle manufactured in North America, there is a good chance that NHK NASCO's products contribute to the safety and comfort of your journey.

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Logo of Russellville Independent Schools

Student Volunteer

Russellville Independent School District (RIS)

Fall 2008 — Spring 2009

Russellville, Kentucky


  • Implemented the district’s first Course Management System using the open-source Moodle platform.
  • Provided teachers with one-on-one and group professional development so they could effectively use technology in their classrooms and communicate more efficiently using the new Course Management System.
  • Supported over 500 faculty, staff, and student users with hardware, software, and network issues.
  • Performed routine maintenance and re-imaging of school computers; inventoried, imaged, and deployed hundreds of computers.


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Logo of Western Kentucky University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Technology

Western Kentucky University

May 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Logo of KCTCS

Associate of Applied Science, Information Technology

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College (SKYCTC),
formerly Bowling Green Technical College (BGTC)

May 2011

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Logo of Russellville Independent Schools

High School Diploma

Russellville High School (RHS)

Spring 2009

Russellville, Kentucky



Operating Systems

  • Microsoft® Windows® & Microsoft® Windows Server®
  • Apple® Mac OS®
  • Apple® iOS
  • Linux® distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, and others.
  • Cisco IOS®


  • Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • Apple® Configurator for iOS devices
  • CloneZilla

Productivity/Office Software

  • Microsoft® Office
  • Apple® iWork®
  • OpenOffice.Org & LibreOffice


  • Adobe® Creative Suite® and Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, and more.

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