Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support™

Andrew Gilliam delivers Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support
by fulfilling customers' unstated and stated, psychological and business needs.

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More than vision. Purpose.

Corporate actions overwhelmingly contradict customer lip service. Leaders grossly overestimate customers' loyalty, while underestimating its impact on their going concern. Technology is rapidly disintegrating barriers to entry that once protected the world's greatest brands, and all goods and services are being devalued through commoditization.

Customers are evermore discerning and demanding, thanks to a myriad of choices and an abundance of information. Now, our failures are shared on an unprecedented scale. Building trust, earning loyalty, and truly maximizing customer value is more difficult and more critical than ever.

Effectively serving today's customers requires immense skill and strategy. Consistently executing experiences worthy of customer loyalty requires research, planning, innovation, and investment. Because of these insights, I've devoted my professional life to advancing customer experience and delivering Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support.