Projects below are summarized from employer pages. Additional details are coming soon.


  • Nexus Information Center Western Kentucky University

    Conceived as an intranet web portal to house links to the extensive number of applications required for first and second-level support, Nexus has become an interactive dashboard with up-to-the-second information tailored for to each user role. In addition to application links and consolidated search functionality, it displays system status, problem ticket descriptions and statistics, and daily productivity statistics in real-time. Nexus has become the home page of choice for almost all Technical Support Services employees, and it has dramatically simplified the continuity of operations during emergency, weather, and holiday office closures.

  • A.G.E.S. (Andrew Gilliam Email System) Western Kentucky University

    Telephone transfers and forced channel switching are among the top customer annoyances and sources of brand-damaging customer effort. A.G.E.S. seeks to alleviate this source of customer frustration in our highly compartmentalized organization by empowering our employees to accept customer questions and share them with the most appropriate department for follow-up. This method provides the receiving department with better articulated customer questions, enables a more seamless follow-up contact, reduces the time customers spend queuing, and increases the perception that the organization has taken ownership of the customer's problem.

  • Closed Ticket Survey Western Kentucky University

    Almost two years of research, deliberation, and negotiation proceeded the deployment of our new Ticket Closed Survey, which is offered to every customer 24-hours after their contact with us. The survey had not been revisited in almost a decade, and it's predecessor collected irrelevant, unhelpful information. This led to the data being largely ignored by the leadership team. The revitalized survey uses industry standard questions, including NPS and CES, as well as custom developed questions. Incidentally, the new survey totally changed our follow-up procedures, and it has greatly reduced our response time to customers who's needs were not completely met.

  • Accreditation Committee Support Western Kentucky University

    As a regionally accredited institution, the university is subject to inspection that includes a week-long, on-site visit every few years. I was hand-selected to provide around-the-clock support to the accreditation committee. As the only university representative continuously available, I was responsible for engaging whatever resources were requested to facilitate the audit.

  • Video Surveillance Western Kentucky University

    Designed video surveillance systems for a variety of on campus environments, including residential, food service, retail, and outdoor venues. I conducted thorough site surveys and designed proposals to help stakeholders envision the new system at work.

  • Wireless Upgrades Western Kentucky University

    With students brining an ever increasing number of internet connected devices to campus, delivering reliable wireless internet is more important than ever before. The increasing number and variety of devices requires constant upgrades to wireless access points and careful planning of coverage and density. I replaces AP hardware and conducted site surveys in a number of academic and residential buildings.

  • Voice Migration Western Kentucky University

    As part of the university's long-term plan to upgrade all telephony equipment to VoIP, I assisted in the migration of several buildings from analog to IP telephones. This process included initial training of end-users at the time of the upgrade.

  • Digital Signage NHK NASCO

    Communication is challenging for organizations of any size, and digital signage provides an effective yet unobtrusive way of publicizing important announcements. The company had already proven this concept, but there were only a few, small displays and the system was labor intensive to manage. Human Resources charged IT with expanding the system and simplifying the update process. The solution I implemented met these requirements, and it was so economical that we added an additional location without increasing the project's budget.

  • Desktop Virtualization NHK NASCO

    Heat, dust, humidity, and a vast facility present significant challenges for maintaining desktop computers in harsh manufacturing environments. I offered a unique solution to these problems by introducing desktop virtualization, a relatively new technology at the time. While high upfront costs make these projects a tough sell, I successfully proved to senior management that reduced energy consumption alone would pay for the project in only a few years.

  • Employee Handbook NHK NASCO

    Traditional employee handbooks can comprise enormous binders full of easily lost and disorganized pages; they might be one of the least portable workplace accessories. Our HR team sought a better solution, in the form of a pocket sized, professionally booklet. Working with publishers can be tricky, but together we transformed their original design into a professional, ready-to-print Adobe InDesign® document, accounting for the correct margins, spot colors, and consistent styling appropriate for a printed book.

  • Website Overhaul NHK NASCO

    Improving the company's online presence was a high priority for senior management, because the website is one of a few, rare opportunities we had to interact with the general public. The new website would furnish more relevant product, career, and community involvement information.

  • Online Production Scheduling NHK NASCO

    Our manufacturing process was state-of-the-art, our process for internally communicating which orders to fill wasn't. The spreadsheet sharing method got the job done, but it was error prone due to files being saved locally or printed. To resolve these concerns, I developed an online scheduling system that continuously updated and used clever CSS media queries to resist printing.

  • Employee eCommerce NHK NASCO

    The company offered employees a variety of traditional and non-traditional benefits. Allowing employees to borrow company equipment off-the-clock for personal use was one of these perks. Approving and tracking loaned equipment wasn't easy, so I developed an online system to simplify the process and also process silent auctions for equipment being retired.

  • In-Plant Data Cabling NHK NASCO

    Robust network access facilitated the company's growth by enabling real-time inventory tracking, production automation, and reliable communications. However, the network infrastructure was beginning to show its age through increased downtime and inadequate capacity. Troubleshooting issues was complicated by a lack of documentation, crude modifications, and stopgap solutions that had accumulated over decades. Our team worked to rethink the topology of the network, install a more robust fiber-optic backbone, and remove and replace all of the copper wiring while labeling and documenting changes to ensure maintainability.

  • Learning Management System Implementation Russellville Independent Schools

    The district was embarking on a plan to expand computer use in the classroom, but it lacked a centralized place where information could be shared. Paper handouts and whiteboards were often used on occasional computer lab visits, but they wouldn't be practical for everyday activities. Printing or emailing assignments would become a mess, and add unnecessary cost.

    After securing buy-in from administrators and participating teachers, I launch the district's first learning management system using Moodle, a free and open-source solution. Assignments, resources, submissions, discussions, and grades were all housed online. I also developed and delivered one-on-one and group training sessions for teachers. An elementary school teacher I'd coached achieved a paperless classroom within a week of implementation.

  • Teacher Blogs Russellville Independent Schools

    Teachers traditionally share information with their students using a whiteboard, but whiteboards aren't an ideal solution for archiving information or sharing it with parents. I was able to greatly expand the use of the district's blogging platform, Wordpress, through customized training sessions. I worked closely with teachers to identify how blogs could improve communication and help them work more efficiently. Many chose to move their daily agendas completely online, which also made them accessible to parents.