Help Desk Technician/IT Programmer (Co-Op)
NHK NASCO (NHK of America Suspension Components Inc.)

March 2010 — May 2014

At a Glance
  • Provided on-site and remote technical support for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Apple iOS, LibreOffice, and enterprise applications.
  • Installed, maintained, and repaired computers, printers, industrial label printers, barcode scanners, digital signage systems, and other peripheral devices.
  • Installed and maintained network infrastructure including switches, wireless access points, and IP telephony devices. Also participated in a project to rewire the manufacturing plant.


  • Digital Signage

    Communication is challenging for organizations of any size, and digital signage provides an effective yet unobtrusive way of publicizing important announcements. The company had already proven this concept, but there were only a few, small displays and the system was labor intensive to manage. Human Resources charged IT with expanding the system and simplifying the update process. The solution I implemented met these requirements, and it was so economical that we added an additional location without increasing the project's budget.

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Heat, dust, humidity, and a vast facility present significant challenges for maintaining desktop computers in harsh manufacturing environments. I offered a unique solution to these problems by introducing desktop virtualization, a relatively new technology at the time. While high upfront costs make these projects a tough sell, I successfully proved to senior management that reduced energy consumption alone would pay for the project in only a few years.

  • Employee Handbook

    Traditional employee handbooks can comprise enormous binders full of easily lost and disorganized pages; they might be one of the least portable workplace accessories. Our HR team sought a better solution, in the form of a pocket sized, professionally printed booklet. Working with publishers can be tricky, but together we transformed their original design into a professional, ready-to-print Adobe InDesign® document, accounting for the correct margins, spot colors, and consistent styling appropriate for a printed book.

  • Website Overhaul

    Improving the company's online presence was a high priority for senior management, because the website is one of a few, rare opportunities we had to interact with the general public. The new website would furnish more relevant product, career, and community involvement information.

  • Online Production Scheduling

    Our manufacturing process was state-of-the-art, our process for internally communicating which orders to fill wasn't. The spreadsheet sharing method got the job done, but it was error prone due to files being saved locally or printed. To resolve these concerns, I developed an online scheduling system that continuously updated and used clever CSS media queries to resist printing.

  • Employee eCommerce

    The company offered employees a variety of traditional and non-traditional benefits. Allowing employees to borrow company equipment off-the-clock for personal use was one of these perks. Approving and tracking loaned equipment wasn't easy, so I developed an online system to simplify the process and also process silent auctions for equipment being retired.

  • In-Plant Data Cabling

    Robust network access facilitated the company's growth by enabling real-time inventory tracking, production automation, and reliable communications. However, the network infrastructure was beginning to show its age through increased downtime and inadequate capacity. Troubleshooting issues was complicated by a lack of documentation, crude modifications, and stopgap solutions that had accumulated over decades. Our team worked to rethink the topology of the network, install a more robust fiber-optic backbone, and remove and replace all of the copper wiring while labeling and documenting changes to ensure maintainability.


Desktop Support

  • Provided desk-side, remote, and on-call technical support; built strong relationships with internal customers by taking ownership of requests and checking-in after issues are resolved.
  • Documented incidents in the ticketing system, escalated cases to appropriate specialists as necessary, conducted research, and created documentation for internal and external use.  Identified trends and implemented preventative actions to mitigate problems.
  • Redesigned the deployment process and developed new checklists for new and reallocated computers, improving collaboration and consistency.
  • Continuously investigated opportunities to lower costs while reducing environmental impact and improving quality, including researching power-saving thin-clients and paper-reducing workflows.
  • Managed relationships with multiple vendors, and coordinated the negotiation and  purchase of IT supplies and equipment.
  • Installed digital signage, remote displays, projectors, and other audio/video equipment.
  • Mentored junior employees and served as an escalation route for complex problems.

Security & Video Surveillance

  • Installed and maintained analog and digital, security and production monitoring video surveillance cameras, recording equipment, and software. Liaised with security contractors and supervised the installation of intrusion detection and access control equipment.
  • Managed and routinely audited user accounts and privileges, verified authorization of changes, and maintained records according to regulatory policies. Provided guidance in the proper handling of sensitive information to end-users.
  • Monitored the status of endpoints and resolved alerts generated by anti-malware programs. Administered email filtering and archiving appliances, and updated rules to improve filtering accuracy. Managed port access control and data loss prevention software, evaluated devices for approval.
  • Assisted users with video and alarm management software.

Network Administration

  • Installed and administered network switches and wireless access points.
  • Configured and deployed analog and IP telephones; supported multiple major migrations.
  • Diagnosed connectivity issues using media testing and packet analysis tools.
  • Repaired or installed new cabling as required.

Design & Development

  • Developed desktop and web applications to improve business processes.
  • Designed various publications and worked assisted purchasing in working with printers.
  • Vectorized company logos that were integrated into major printing projects and made copies available to replace lossy raster logos that were used in email and on letterheads.


NHK NASCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of NHK Spring Co., Ltd. of Yokohama, Japan, is North America's premier manufacturer of suspension coil spring, trunk lid torsion bars, electric motor cores, and disk springs for the automotive industry. If you drive a vehicle manufactured in North America, there is a good chance that NHK NASCO's products contribute to the safety and comfort of your journey.